6 Reasons

Tired of failed bonds, spray booths and decanting your adhesives?  It’s time to move to TensorGrip adhesives.

Here are 6 reasons we would recommend TensorGrip to our customers:


1. Choice

TensorGrip cover a massive 9 industries: Joinery, Marine, Foam & Upholstery, HVAC, Aerospace, Construction, Oil & Gas, Transportation and Composites.  Whichever industry you work in, there is a whole range of adhesives available to suit almost every application.  Plus you can choose from 500ml aerosols, or a 22ltr canister.


2. Fuss Free

TensorGrip contact adhesives are available in pre-pressurised aerosols and canisters.  To use their canister system, you simply attach the hose and gun system to the canister when you first use it and you’re good to go!  No expensive spray booths, simply a portable canister.


3. Clean

Due to the spray system, whether you choose an aerosol or a canister, simply spray the adhesive onto the substrate, bond, and crack on with the job.  There’s no mess or equipment to clean between uses.


4. Free Kick Off Kit

There are a few tools and accessories required to use TensorGrip canisters, but don’t let that put you off as they provide a full Kick Off Kit free of charge with the purchase of your first canister.


5. Recyclable Canisters

The canisters are fully recyclable, so you can rest assured they won’t end up in landfill.


6. Customer Service

Tensor take customer service seriously, and when you buy from Tensor you have acces to their customer service team from 8am to 5pm on weekdays by phone, email and various social media channels.  You can also access them around the clock using the live chat facility on their website!


Not sure where to start?  TensorGrip F20 Fast Drying Foam and Upholstery Adhesive is a bestseller.  Suitable for use on carpet, fabric and foam and available in a 500ml aerosol or 22ltr canister.


Browse our whole range of TensorGrip adhesives here.