Canister Solutions

Our top of the range canister solutions are a popular choice of adhesive for industrial use.

When you find yourself in a sticky situation, which only a top-of-the-range quality adhesive product can get you out of, you need canister solutions from the UK's leading supplier, engineered to suit your industry requirements.


What are canister solutions?

Canister solutions are high quality contact adhesives supplied in pressurised canisters and aerosols. These spray glues are more comfortable to use, and give greater control over a spray pattern for precise application.


Why buy from Glenseal?

Glenseal is at the cutting edge of canister adhesive supply, specialising in providing customers like you with a contact adhesive suited to the exact requirements of your industry.

We have 20 years' experience in the canister spray contact adhesive business, so you can be sure that you are buying from a trustworthy company with a track record of ensuring total customer satisfaction.


Our Canister Solutions: TensorGrip

Glenseal exclusively sell TensorGrip spray contact adhesives.

TensorGrip, formerly PermaGrip, is a globally recognised contact adhesive brand, providing the highest quality adhesives on the market.

When efficiency is your foremost consideration, look no further than TensorGrip adhesives, which are guaranteed to speed up your production processes.


The Simplicity of TensorGrip

TensorGrip adhesives are developed with the end user in mind and promote simplicity. From ease of use with their professional canister spray gun and hose system, to a simple labelling structure which ensures you buy the correct adhesive, whatever the job.

We've spent many years working alongside the Tensor team, and are confident in recommending a suitable contact adhesive for your application, and demonstrating how to use it correctly.



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