Bonding Solutions

When you have a word with us about your manufacturing, you could find it a very productive conversation. Glenseal's insight can improve your profit.

We specialise in looking at your line processes to explore better ways of doing things. Imagine you could find a new way to eliminate a long term bonding problem. And what if, by adopting change, you could make more profit? Looking at how adhesives are used in production from the producer's point of view –and making their application more efficient – is exactly what we do.

Through on-site introduction trialing, we have shown companies how efficiencies can increase revenue. We have proved how investing in new dispensing systems can generate substantial returns. We have also worked in partnership with leading manufacturers to create complete process analyses for clients, on which we have then built margin building solutions. Whatever products you make, we'll explore every avenue to help you produce them more efficiently, more effectively and more profitably.